Are You Tired of Walking?
Learn to Drive Now!

As a professional school in West London, we value a professional approach to each student taking a driving test. Check us out today!
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Are You Tired of Walking? Learn to Drive Now!

As a professional school in West London, we value a professional approach to each student taking a driving test.


Terms & Conditions

Your instructor 

Your instructor is a self-employed franchisee of Wings Driving School Wings Driving School UK acts as agent for your instructor Where Wings Driving School UK do not make bookings with, or supplies any information or documentation to you, or processes any payments for your lessons. The contract for driving tuition is solely between you and your instructor.


Tuition is only available if: 

• You’re aged 17 or over, or aged 16 or over and receive the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance (mobility component); and 
• hold a valid UK provisional driving licence; and
• are legally entitled to drive in the UK.


You and your instructor are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location, and duration of individual lessons. 

On your first lesson you must present your instructor with a valid provisional licence. 

You must notify your instructor of any matters which affect your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, or any lack or loss of a valid UK professional driving licence.

Cancellation of lessons

If you want to cancel a lesson, a minimum of 48 hours’ prior notice should be given. If your instructor cancels a lesson, due to illness or mechanical breakdown, they’ll rearrange the lesson. Cancellations made by you must be confirmed directly between you and your instructor. 

If you don’t give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation, you’ll be charged for the lesson(s) concerned in full. In the event of you having booked your driving test, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) requires you to give three clear working days to cancel your test. This may mean that you may lose your DVSA and instructor test fee if your instructor says you’re not ready for your test within this three-day notice period. The driving instructor has the right to withdraw the tuition car on the day of your test if, in the instructor’s opinion, the candidate is not deemed to be at required test standards.

Payment and lesson bookings

You must pay for any tuition at least 48 hours before the start of the lesson. 

Wings Driving School has no responsibility or liability to you for payments made by any other means. If you pay your instructor directly by any method, you should make sure you get a receipt. Wings Driving School accepts no responsibility for any payments made directly to instructors.

Refund policy and warranty

You can cancel your pre-paid tuition at any time (for the provisions relating to the cancellation of individual lessons see ’Cancellation of lessons’ above). 

1. If you’ve taken lesson(s) at the time of cancellation you won’t be eligible for a refund on any lessons taken, inclusive of the booking fee (if applicable). 
2. Where possible, we’ll refund you using the same method you used to pay for your lessons. If for any reason we’re not able to do this, we’ll refund you by any other method we think is appropriate.
3. We may request additional information from you to confirm your identity to comply with the Money laundering Regulations 2007; we’ll use this information to make sure we follow our Merchant Operating Instructions for card collection facilities.
4. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to reach you or your account.
5. Refund of partial block bookings will be made pro rata on any lessons not taken.
6. In the event of a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, no refund will take place once the first lesson has been taken.
7. If you’ve paid using a pre-paid gift card or Wings Driving School voucher, we won’t be able to offer a refund after redemption of the card or voucher.

If you’ve paid your instructor for the tuition you want to cancel, your instructor will refund you following these same principles.

Limitation of liability

Your instructor, Wings Driving School aren’t liable to you for any loss or damage caused where, and to the extent that: 

• There’s no breach of a legal duty owed to you by your instructor, Wings Driving School;
• such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such a breach; 
• any such loss or damage, or increase in loss or damage, results from any breach or omission by you;
• any such loss or damage results from circumstances or matters outside of the reasonable control of your instructor, Wings Driving School.

Your instructor, Wings Driving School shall not, in any event, be liable for losses relating to any business interest you may have including, without limitation, lost profits, lost earnings, loss of opportunity or business or business interruption. You’re reminded that neither Wings Driving school are parties to the contract for driving tuition itself, which is between you and your instructor. This doesn’t affect any liability that Wings Driving School may have for any loss or damage you may incur which is caused directly as a result of any breach (including negligence) by it or them of any legal duty owed by it or them to you.

Nothing in these Ts&Cs will affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.


Your instructor will carry the appropriate motor insurance to provide comprehensive cover should you be involved in a collision as a learner driver, whilst in control of driving the instructor’s tuition vehicle.